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Free quote request

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Globus Traduzioni is at your disposal for a free quote, that will be sent out to you within the first working day after receiving your request.
In order to enablea Globus Traduzioni to timely send you a customized quote please remember to indicate:
  1. Amount of words contained in the document(s) to be translated (including spaces and punctuation)
  2. Format of the document(s) to be translated (Word, PDF, TXT, etc.)
  3. Type of text to be translated
  4. Requested delivery date
  5. Delivery method of translated document(s), i.e. remittance by mail, e-mail or cloud server sharing
  6. Destination address of translated document(s), should remittance by mail be requested
After receiving your request, Globus Traduzioni may contact you to obtain clarifications or additional information on the above points.
Beside the quote, the reply message by Globus Traduzioni will contain a confirmation of your requests with regard to the above-listed points. Should, for any reason, not be possible to confirm the delivery date that you requested, Globus Traduzioni will indicate the best possible delivery date. If the document(s) to be translated is (are) supplied in a non-editable format and/or in presence of a request to translate the said document(s) urgently, Globus Traduzioni reserves the right to apply a quote surcharge.
The customer will bear any cost related with licensed softwares, applications, etc. that are not in the availability of Globus Traduzioni and that, therefore, the latter shall have to purchase in order to perform the requested translation or interpretation service.

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