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Globus Traduzioni is the ideal partner for the professional translation of texts in the combinations English - Italian, Russian - Italian, German - Italian and the consecutive verbal interpreting in the combinations English - Italian, Russian - Italian.

Besides, Globus Traduzioni offers the following professional services:
  • post-editing and proofreading of texts previously translated to Italian;
  • Italian summary of documents written in English, Russian, German.

Globus Traduzioni puts at your service:
  • a solid linguistic expertise deriving from a long, consistent educational and professional path entirely centered on foreign languages and cultures;
  • a multi-sector knowledge acquired by collaborating with export companies operating in different fields;
  • the ability to find real-time, integrated solutions facilitating the communication with your international partners.
By visiting the website section SPECIALTIES AND SERVICES you’ll get an idea of what Globus Traduzioni can do for you.

Specialties and services

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